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About QuickSocial Tampa Web Developers

A team of enthusiastic and skilled web designers and web developers based in Clearwater, Tampa Bay and Miami Florida (USA), working together to build best business websites. We all have extensive background history with the DNN platform since Version 4 and have been developing our own brand of custom programming solutions for clients of all sizes and industries. We bring not only the tools but the knowledge and years of programming and custom web design experience that come with having worked on the web since the mid 90's. But don't take our word for it feel free to contact any of our clients and ask about their experience in working with us.

Managing Partners

Alexandre Pommier (Web architect & QuickSocial co-founder)

Since the age of 14 Alex has been interested in the Internet and began learning how to make websites with his father’s programmers. Soon he was able to program in multiple languages without having a formal university education in computer science. After high school, he completed his education in business management. In 2009, Alex began working on a large B2B project for the beauty industry while starting a private pilot training program. In 2010, Alex already a web design expert experienced in hard coding & compilers became interested in the arrival of CMS systems, among them DNN, Umbraco, & WordPress. Alex is knowledgeable in the Microsoft Windows Server environment / MS SQL / DNN and proficient in ASP.NET, ASP, C #, HTML5, CSS3. In 2014, Alex took over the management of Quick Social LLC. created originally by his father as a social media agency for his beauty industry clients. Thanks to his innovative time and resource management, as well as the use of tools like DNN, he tripled the turnover of the company within his first year.

Nathalie Pommier (Social media and marketing team leader)

Born and raised in Florida, Nathalie holds a BA in anthropology and political science from FIU. Nathalie is an expert in all social medias, marketing, and branding, as well as an experienced blogger and SMO analyst. Prior to working for QuickSocial and its clients, Nathalie was the social media manager for brands such as Mercedes Benz Perfume, Palm Beach Beauty, Vertigo, Judith Leiber, Adrienne Vittadini, Ellen Tracy, and Beverly 90210, as well as a research assistant for the research institute on social & economic policy (RISEP), and a communications intern for the Miami-Florida European center of excellence at Florida International University in Miami.

Quick Social Team

  • Board of Advisors
  • Web Design
  • Programming
  • Sales, Marketing, R&D
  • Hosting & Security

Bernard Pommier (Sales & Marketing advisor) Born in France Bernard spent more than half of his life in Florida, Bernard has 30 years’ experience in sales & marketing. He is also an internet pioneer as he created his first marketing company in 1994 then the first online magazine in 1995 (before any blog), Then a B2B portal in 2000 as well as one of the first online trading platform with reverse auction in 2001. industry. In early 2008 Bernard launched the online community builder for business. More recently Bernard launched a business online community for the beauty. Bernard has been solicited speaker in many events and hired consultant by numerous national and international companies. Bernard lives now in Tampa FL.

Ana Maria Pommier (Finance advisor/controller) Born in Lima Ana has more than 20 years’ experience in managing the family business finances and assisting our clients. Prior Ana was an analyst at the Banco reserve del Peru. She works and lives in Tampa FL.

Stephanie Garcia (senior web designer) Born and raised in Miami Stephanie studied graphic design at DASH high school for the arts in Miami and she hold a BA from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. Stephanie lives and works in Miami, Florida. She is an expert with Adobe suite, HTML5, CSS3, xml, ASP, JS, and most CMS like DNN, WordPress, Drupal etc.

Nathalie Pommier (senior web designer) Born in Miami Nathalie studied graphic design at DASH high school. She holds a BA in anthropology from FIU and she is actively perusing her PHD in anthropology and sustainability. She is also a designer and developer on the DNN platform with knowledge in CSS, HTML, Adobe suite and an expert in Social media optimization.

Jose R. Chavez (Junior web designer) Jose has a BA in computer science from the south Florida University and resides in Tampa. Jose excel in Java, HTML, CSS,  Javascript, MySQL, NoSQL, MS. SQL, DNN...

John Qadir (Senior programmer) Born in Hawaii (USA), John studied computer sciences in Manoa. John is a ASP.NET, C#/VB.NET Developer/Programmer/ system analyst. John works in our offices in Miami Florida where he lives with his wife and daughter.

Alex Pommier (Web Achitect) Born in Valencia (SPAIN), Alex studied business administration in Miami and is a self taught web developer (over 200 website projects) with knowledge in ASP.NET, MS. SQL, DNN, HTML, Bootstrap, CSS, Adobe Suite and a Microsoft Partner... Alex is between our Tampa and Miami Offices

Laurent Pommier (programmer) Born in France studied engineering in Montpellier (BA) and IT management in Bordeaux. Laurent holds an engineering degree in computer science and programs in C#, ASP.NET, Oracle, MS. SQL, (ERP-JDE).

Rashid Wilson (Junior programmer) Rashid holds a BS in computer science from the University of South Florida. Rashid is experienced with C++. VS, C#, ASP.NET/MVC, PHP, WordPress, DNN, JS, MS. SQL, ... .

Aryam Livia (Sales manager) Born in Russia Aryam graduated from St Peterborough University studying business management. She is our expert in  European Market. Aryam lives in Clearwater Florida.

Bernard Pommier (Marketing director) Born in France studied Business management in Marseille, France (MBA). Bernard has 35 years experience in Marketing as director and consultant for multinational companies.

Nicolas Pommier (Market analyst) Born in France Nicolas has a masters degree in Finance from Montpellier business school, a BA from La Trobe as well as a Certificate of Fundamental Chinese Training Program from the Shanghai University.

Rick Medina (Principal) Raised in Florida Rick studied information technology at Miami University. Rick and his team have been in charge of QuickSocial hosting and security for 16 years (Thank you for the smooth ride!).

Johnny Chanto (Executive director) Johnny is an IT engineer and a programmer he works with Rick in Miami and for the past 16 years he has been our networking guru and problem solver.


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