Has your website made any money lately?

Marketing and lead generation can be successfully done with your website by making it attractive and easy to use with short and precise info and call to action links/buttons placed strategically. Needless to say, your website must be mobile-friendly and equipped with marketing tools/features, such as a blog with a social media and RSS feeder, a newsletter engine, etc. We can help get the word out about your business by boosting your organic marketing to get more visitors, or by mining a targeted prospect list and starting a full email/SMS campaign.

Business intelligence

Today more than ever, business intelligence is at the forefront of any business venture and we provide our clients with online reputation monitoring, competition analysis, data mining, big data analysis, lead generation, email and SMS campaign design and execution.

Tactical marketing planning

Throughout 2018 online marketing will become even more customer centric with the most investment and resources allocated to building private intelligent business websites. These all-in one business process managed websites will become the center of the company branding and marketing strategy using public social media pages as satellites. Twitter and other free social media networks. Live content and videos are becoming even bigger than traditional marketing. In the age of artificial intelligence (AI) and self-driving cars, your target customers born with social media are using your website on the go.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO or inbound organic marketing is not rocket science even though Google tries to make it more complicated each year with their cute animal-named algorithms: Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, pigeon, etc. At the end of the day, SEO is all about tweaking your website’s codes and content to be the most relevant. Don’t start your SEO campaign without installing some sort of analytics monitoring system. Most analytics are based on interpretation of server logs, so if you are not an expert you can use Google Analytics, it’s free but has limited features or you can use more sophisticated software applications such as Web trends, Domo, W3 etc… Then you will have to monitor your SEO progress by checking your ranking, keywords, tags, content ratio, codes, and the sizes of your images with tools like SEO sitecheckup, Serp, Moz and more...

Social media optimization (SMO)

Unlike SEO, SMO is a form of proactive outbound marketing induced by marketers to be active on the web, to attract prospects and to convert them into buyers. This involves a good knowledge of the social media landscape, a social media enabled website and an SMO tactical plan.

Data mining and email campaign

Although it is becoming more complicated to successfully use direct email campaigns to generate leads due to advanced bulk mail blockers, it is still effective in combination with SEO/SMO and the most economical way to generate new leads for your business.

Customer acquisition and retention

It is one thing to bring visitors to your business website but to convert them into customers is more complicated. It is possible if you have correctly targeted your prospects by offering them what they want to buy instead of trying to sell them what you want to sell. Of course, when they become customers it is with your intelligent website (customer support) that you will retain their clientele.