Social media is today's most popular online activity so it's important to have attractive and effective social media satellites for your business. Likes and followers on SM networks do not directly translate to more traffic and sales on your website but it can with the proper SMO. After defining your social media goals, we can create and implement targeted strategies to convert your followers and likes into traffic & then sales.
SMO CMS Support
Today many businesses big and small are using open-source CMS platforms to run their online presence. We have extensive knowledge of today's leading OS CMS systems including DNN, Wordpress, Joomla, and Drupal. As well as insider knowledge on which extensions, modules, widgets can benefit your SMO efforts and how to set them up to make your life easier. If you're having problems with an existing installation we can help troubleshoot your frustrations.
SMO Analysis
An in depth analysis report of your company's social media satellite pages and their ranking on today's most popular search engines. An analysis and statistics report of your current SMO efforts can greatly help you improve and tweak your strategy to accomplish your social media goals, whether your looking to make more online sales or have customers waiting for your food truck on a cross country trip.
SMO Follower's Boost
So you've set up a pretty good looking page on the SM networks of your choosing but you're not seeing too many followers line up. Well that can be for a number of reasons: your content is not appealing or relevant, you don't have a strategy, and you aren't using the right tools. We can offer you insight as to why your page isn't attracting and engaging followers, and teach you the basics plus a few tips and tricks on how to get the ball rolling.
SMO Content Automation
Are you spending hours a day posting your content onto three, five, TEN social media sites? Our SMO content automation means you only have to post once! We have different modules, extensions, and add-ons to help make the most of your time. Post content to your blog just once and have if feed out to ALL of your social media satellites instantly. No more copy/paste and no more hassles.
SMO Follower's Conversion
Say you now have 20, 30, 50k+ followers and they like what your saying but you're not seeing much movement on your website. Sales are still moving slowly. It's time to convert your followers into clients/customers. We have tested techniques that'll move your followers from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. to register and engage on your website. Interested? Check "SMO Follower's Conversion" and we can setup an online meeting.
SMO Marketing Courses
Whether you're just getting started with setting up a SM page or you want to hone your techniques and need some inspiration, we offer virtual courses for SMO, SEO, and Online Marketing for all experience levels. Lets discuss your goals and setup a training course personalized to your needs. Virtual courses are conducted on skype or go-to-meeting with interactive demonstrations on a 1on1 basis. Get started today!