Are retailers still afraid of online sales? The world has changed and web merchants are out casting main street mega retailers. Web merchants are also gaining a greater understanding of the rules of engagement with online consumers in the world of social media marketing and eCommerce. Smaller web merchants and local brick and mortar retailers are late to embrace the social internet and they are losing market shares at the speed of light! They need to recognize the importance of online marketing and social media and allocate the positions and budgets to these new channels of communication in their yearly planning as if their business will depend of it in 2017.

What is social media?

Social medias are communication tools (today enhanced by internet technology) for people to engage in a two-way discussion.

Why bother with Social Media?

Marketing as we all know it has shifted drastically from retailer managed to consumer induced. Trade magazines are dead, advertising is dying and mass media has fallen ill. It hasn't been since the emergence of the television that we have seen such a transformation in consumer behavior. Recent studies show that 70% of consumers have made a purchase based on recommendations they've received through a social media site. Yet only 35% of retailers have a Facebook page and much less use other social media platforms. Your clients are using online reviews prior to purchasing products or services delivered offline. Therefore, it is important that you start controlling this flow of information.

Some advantage of having an online shop

  • If you have already a street store you will have 2 points of sale with the same inventory.
  • Your online store will be always open 24/7 365 days a year.
  • No employees.
  • No taxes.
  • No credits
  • No rent.
  • No utility bills.