Although modern advertising is a product of this century, for millenniums men have exchanged goods and services. Somehow, they have always used a kind of primitive advertising (Egyptian papyrus for commercial messages and posters and Sumerian wall painting announcing events as early as 4000 BC.).

Ninety years ago, in 1925 Coca-Cola sales were just under $2 billion thanks to heavy advertising investments and strong marketing techniques. Today Coca-Cola sales are close to $200 billion but their advertising budget is less than in 1980, why? The answer is the internet, because direct communication through the web and social media is cheaper than standard classic advertising (Press/print, TV, radio, movie placement, billboard, etc.).

The internet is also the big equalizer between fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurs as they can compete today with the same affordable advertising tools on the multimedia internet digital world. Of course, new advertising and marketing techniques like remarketing have surged with the expansion of the internet, although similar techniques such as subliminal marketing or associated cross advertising have been used in the late 50’s.