Knowing everything about your own business, your industry, your vendors, your partners and customers gives you an edge on your competition and allows you to make better and more informed business decision. Many marketers are surprised to see that they already own the raw data that can be transformed into meaningful usable information. Of course data mining can be used to build lists of prospects but it can go beyond and drives sustainable growth from existing data building or reconnecting streams in between the ecosystem of a company and its existing customers.

Data Mining

Data mining per various internet definitions is the process of discovering and extracting patterns in data sets through artificial intelligence computer powered by algorithm programmed applications. The data is then cleaned and processed into a database system to be usable by the marketing department/team.

Data mining involves internet computer resources and of course software and human expertise. At Quick Social, the head of our marketing department will have an initial meeting with you to define your needs then we will study your business model, industry and competition to create a tactical plan of action. Afterwards our programmers and data mining engineers will program our scanners and bots to search the internet and capture the bulk data from which our technicians will extract the info you are looking for.


  • Market segmentation (common characteristics of customers who buy the same item)
  • Customer churn (predict if they are likely to go to your competitors)
  • Fraud detection
  • Direct marketing (mailing lists)
  • Associated purchase (What products are purchased together)
  • Trend analysis (Yesterday customer’s vs today customers to predict tomorrow customers interest)


  • Find the best data mining tools/company
  • Transform your raw data into meaningful usable information
  • Build or buy prospect lists
  • Use the transformed data to make better purchase
  • To do better customer support
  • To boost innovation, R&D and marketing


  • How your customer acquisition and sales improved?
  • Does your customers support works better?
  • Did better intelligence of the market, Customers requirement, competition intelligence helped to boost product innovation?