The creation process for a 2017 website should be: “Make it attractive, get traffic, engage visitors and make sales”. It sounds simple and in essence it is what a website should do for you 24/7/365. For the past 15 years, we have perfected the above motto for our clients. We have the technology and the human resources to do your most complex custom project.

Our Resources

Our team of programmers: 2 Project architects, 2 senior programmers, 1 junior programmers, 2 interns.

Our team of web designers/developers: 2 web designers, 1 graphic designer, 4 interns.

Our networking support team: 3 senior network engineers.

Our Skills

Programming: ASP.NET, ASP, VB.NET, VB, C#, Web Services, CSLA, MSEL
Database: SQL Server, EDI, XML, XSLT, SSIS,
Web design: ASP, HTML/5, CSS, JavaScript, DHTML,
CMS: DotnetNuke (DNN), SharePoint, Umbraco, SAP,
APPS and modules: Shopping cart/ecommerce B2B, B2C, B4B, Online community,
Staffing applicant tracking system, Real estate multiple listing system, Reservation and appointment system,
News and blogs, ERP, CRM, Online project management system with documents upload and library.
Membership system for associations, clubs and chamber of commerce. Auction/reverse auction system.
Software: MS Office, MS Project, Adobe suite,

Our Experience

164 current clients, 9 States/countries, 18 apps and custom systems, 198 web projects.

We are looking forward to work on your new custom project contact us today at: 1+ (727) 725-1333