These websites make money: Amazon.com, Harley Davidson, Nokia, Dell, P&G, Kraft, Phyto, and L’Oréal to name a few… However, this is due to neither Miracle nor big advertising budget but instead business intelligence, data mining, analytics, social marketing SEO/SMO and of course “big data”. By definition big data is data that may be analyzed to reveal patterns and associations relating to human behavior and interactions (i.e your clients). Put simply, it is data that may have accumulated in your computer or your distributor computers but was never analyzed either because you did not know how or you did not have the tools. One of the tricks to using big data is to generate new leads by looking at your existing client portfolio for patterns, needs and behavior to find look-alike potential qualified prospects. Nobody wants to be sold but everyone wants to buy something they want, so let’s find them.

Has your website made any money lately?

Unlock the Patterns of your customers' behavior to get new qualified leads

Additionally, lead generation can be achieved using your website by making it attractive and easy to use with short and precise info and call to action links/buttons placed strategically. Needless to say, that your website must be mobile-friendly and equipped with marketing tools/features such as a blog with social media and RSS feeder, newsletter engine, etc. At the end of the day you may want our help getting the word out by boosting your organic marketing to get more visitors, or to mine a targeted prospect list and start a full email/SMS campaign.

Apart from designing and developing websites, Quick Social is also a full service customer acquisition, conversion and retention agency. Many mass mailers such as MailChimp, Constant contact, D&B will try to sell you “Join 5 million happy customers - we send 20 million emails per day”. Well, it just doesn’t work that way, the more you send then the less is read. Even if they carefully opt in and out and they monitor really closely black lists and content grey listing anti-spam technology. The best solution is not to use emails or if you do, you should first research and double target your prospects. We can do that for you in any industry.

Research and analytics are not rocket science, they are just time consuming. Believe it or not, most of the information about your website including demographics, behavior, geographic, etc. can be found on your server or your website logs. Tools such as Google analytics and Web trends are just displaying the data in a form that everyone can understand. Of course, we offer our clients a professional service with more in depth reports and suggestions.

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