Social Marketing Maturity is the Transition from Trial to Tactical. A major shift is happening in the use of social media for marketing of products and services. Marketers are finally gaining the experience required to advance from beginners to competent practitioners achieving social marketing objectives and getting ROI. Of course, the first step is not to open a Facebook page but to enable your website with social capabilities. The social media campaign should start and end on your website. Your website should be at the center of your strategy using your public social media pages as satellites of your own online business community. By working with the Quick Social team you already have an online community that is ready to be seeded. Although many social media gurus will make the process seem complicated, and even mystical, it is all fairly easy.

Tactical Plan Checklist:

SEO is to internet marketing what a combo of yellow pages, outdoor ads and a GPS is to advertising. Not everyone uses it but sooner or later you will need it. In my opinion organic marketing is equal in value to pro-active marketing, and one will not work great without the other. Unlike other CMS platforms, your new website doesn’t need any plugins to do SEO as it is inherently SEO friendly. DNN is one of the few open source CMS that comes close to having a complete SEO-friendly solution out-of-the-box. 
Online reputation
Whenever you put content online yourself or someone does it for you, remember that the internet never forgets so be careful with what you post and choose your own content. If someone writes for you or if your blog has comment capabilities make sure the comments are monitored. Getting sociable and having people write good things about you and your business (testimonials) is key to maintaining your online reputation.
SMO can sometime borrow methods from traditional marketing but it goes beyond interruption marketing to permission marketing. The SMO marketing cycle is a bit more complex as you have to Attract prospects, Convert them into followers, Transform them into members of your business community (this is the point where they buy) and finally into Advocates of your products or services (this is the point where they sell for you also called crowdsourcing or Next-Marketing).
You don’t need a blog but you do need daily content, and the easiest and most effective place to do this is on a blog. Unlike on a regular website page, on a blog your readers can subscribe, participate, comment, review, send it to friends, share it on their own websites and social pages. A blog can help you increase brand awareness, boost comments and engagement from customers, and promote lead generation through blog subscription.
Social networks
There are so many social networks (thousands) and the question is not only where to start but also how to start and how often (X hours daily/weekly/monthly). First you need to find in-house or contract a person to be in charge of each social media (one per social media) even if you have a blog with social media feeder you need to have someone follow targeted people and make sure they are following back. Also social media networks are not all equal (B2B,B2C,B4B) and their role in your SMO tactical plan could be different and sometimes complementary.
Online video
YouTube, Vimeo, one or all of them? Video social medias are the best place for your business to have a chance to go viral. Again the question is how many videos and (X hours daily/weekly/monthly). Videos are a great medium for training and demo materials, as well as to showcase products and services. Today, videos make up 65% of all consumer internet traffic.
Photo sharing sites
Photo sharing sites are simply your business windows to the internet. They compete with Video sharing sites as the leading social media for millennials. Visual stories with romance text garner the most engagement.
Presentation Sharing
For presentations, everyone knows PowerPoint, Prezi, Adobe presenter, etc. Many of us have done presentations in front of a live audience but today slide sharing is becoming an integral part of your social media campaign, as most of the social media networks can share presentations.
Events announcement
Although industry tradeshows and company events have always been a huge support for marketing efforts, the way to announce them has changed drastically. Snail mail invitations has been replaced by email invitations, last minute in-mail, and social media buzz.
Data mining
Knowing everything about your own business, your industry, your vendors, your partners and customers gives you an edge on your competition and allows you to make better and more informed business decision. Many marketers are surprised to see that they already own the raw data that can be transformed into meaningful usable information. Of course data mining can be used to build lists of prospects but it can go beyond and drives sustainable growth from existing data building or reconnecting streams in between the ecosystem of a company and its existing customers.