As web designers, we translate our client's vision into a user-friendly web design focused on aesthetics and UX (user experience). As developers, we build engaging websites with online tools that our clients can use to market their products and services.


We develop complex (but user friendly) online business systems in C+, JS and ASP.NET, including e-commerce, ERP, CRM, applicant tracking systems, real estate multi-listing systems, engineering and construction online project management, financial and auction system, online communities, membership systems, and more....


QuickSocial is a full digital agency in Tampa Bay and Miami, Florida. We provide our clients with social media marketing, search engine marketing and optimization, digital marketing, content marketing, data mining, lead generation, email marketing and more...

  • Client’s goals identification
  • Market and competition
  • Scope and timelines definition
  • Site map and wireframe creation
  • Content transfer and visuals
  • Changes and Revisions
  • UX testing and launch
  • Site maintenance
  • Job board with applicant tracking
  • Booking and reservation
  • Online community membership
  • Real estate multiple listing
  • Project management system
  • Online directories and forums
  • Learning Management Sys. LMS
  • Event calendar & help modules
  • E-commerce B2B/B2C
  • Content Management Sys. CMS
  • Enterprise resource plan. ERP
  • Customer relation manag. CRM
  • Human resources manag. HRM
  • Blog, magazines, news manag.
  • Legacy Sys. replacement.
  • Online cloud integration
  • Business intelligence
  • Tactical marketing planning
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Social media optimization (SMO)
  • Data mining and email campaign
  • Customer acquisition & retention
  • Managed hosting
  • Redundant failover
  • Security monitoring and recovery
  • Backups and maintenance
  • Data management
  • 24/7 technical support
  • CMS training
  • Ecommerce  training
  • ERP/CRM training
  • SEO training
  • SMO training
  • Online community training

Web design for your business

Quick Social Web Design Portfolio Mobile Friendly

Your new business website will be custom designed by our team of professional web developers located in Tampa and Miami Florida. Your new web development project will be attractive, engaging and responsive on all devices. All our professionally designed custom business websites come with DNN the best content management system (CMS)so you can easily change or edit content, photos, video & more. All our business websites come with a free hosting period, a high level of security, backups, and outstanding technical support based in the USA. Established in Florida in 2008, QuickSocial DNN development and marketing agency is located in Tampa Bay (Clearwater) and Miami, Florida.

Quick Social Custom Programming Offerings

All-in-one application to run your business using your website.

All our custom designed business website projects come with a choice of business applications/modules developed in C+, JS and ASP.NET added via drag and drop technology to help you boost your handle all your business processes. Depending on the business applications/modules you choose, you may have a sophisticated business website platform with features like project management, real estate listing, applicant tracking system, a CRM, an ERP, an E-Commerce or any custom business application our team of DNN web developers and programmers will custom build for you. Please use our website development cost calculator.

Quick Social Digital Marketing and User Engagement Strategies


Attract and engage new clients with the best UX & marketing tools.

Get new leads with marketing, SEO and SMO integrated tools. Engage your clients with interactive call to action forms, e-commerce, email marketing and more. Manage your business with a sophisticated CMS back office, analytics, sales report, invoicing, CRM/ERP and more. Our team of experts in Tampa Bay and Miami offer other services including branding, logo design, marketing, business intelligence, data mining, lead generation, re-marketing, advertising, online reputation, database management, online community development, hosting, security, backups and more.

How much should I pay for a business website?

Internet forums are loaded with questions like “How much does a business website cost?”, “How much should I pay for a business website”, “What business features can I get on my website”, “How much is an E-commerce”?

Our business starter website costs $1,950 and the price will grow adding business features like: CRM, ERP, e-commerce, online auction, reverse auction, marketplace etc... Obviously, a well-defined project will cost less than a project that requires a lot of research, meetings, strategy, definition and execution.

Today almost anyone can build a website, including celebrities advertising for Wix on YouTube but how much should a professionally developed custom website to grow your business cost? What is the difference between a DIY (Do It Yourself) website and the fully working custom business website development our Tampa or Miami web design office can provide.

At our Quick social Tampa web design office and at our Miami web design office we understand that having a business website developed by a digital agency is an investment for business owners and corporations that are serious about using their website to grow their business. Based on our own customers case studies coming to us after losing time and money with DIY builders and WordPress freelancers. Unlike many business website. development agencies we put our prices upfront so feel free to use our “Business website development cost calculator”.
  • Free Hosting, Training & Support

    This gives Quick Social clients the time to become experts in using their CMS website. At any time Quick Social clients are welcome to host their platform wherever they choose as the system is a standalone.

  • DNN Web Development vs WordPress Web Design

    WordPress gives users the ability to create great looking websites. Unfortunately these users rapidly find out that the platform lacks business solutions (75% of our new Quick Social customers have a working WordPress website). Another advantage of DNN over WordPress is that all of its business related features are built around an existing framework so they can add third party applications and modules to further customize the business aspect of their website.

  • Helping Entrepreneurs in Tampa

    Entrepreneurs are literally drowning in a sea of technology vendors, a myriad of apps and cloud based software solutions to help them with their web business ventures.  Marketing is getting complicated, and web marketing is becoming an absolute necessity for entrepreneurs. Quick Social brings the easiest, most scalable and economical solution to entrepreneurs. Don't take our word for it, call us and we'll show you! (727) 725-1333.

  • About our Clients

    They come from many industries and backgrounds, from large corporations to a one man show, and they all ask the same thing, “What can we do to boost our business?” Our answer is always the same, “Let us help!”.

Web Design Testimonials

  • Stacy Trammell

    Zavda Technologies LLC

    QuickSocial has been a great service provider for our modern website. They were able to efficiently upgrade our website and transfer all our data and content in a short period of time. We have received positive feedback from our clients, customers and potential employees who have visited or new site. The support we have received from QuickSocial has been outstanding.

  • Laiv Levy Testimonial

    Laiv Levy

    Bessolo Design Group, Inc.

    Bernard, Nathalie, and Alex, thank you so much for our new website. We are very pleased with the results. Everyone was extremely professional and very easy to work with. We would highly recommend QuickSocial to anyone seeking a quality responsive website, produced at competitive rate and easily updated internally.

  • Testimonial: Imporlux - Inflight Duty Free

    Moena Lehartel

    Imporlux - Inflight Duty Free

    Hello The Quick Social TEAM! Thank you for the amazing and fast communication work you have brought up for our IMPORLUX Website. From the middle of the PACIFIC OCEAN, in Tahiti, we have found a great and professional team to work and collaborate with, even within the time differences, it was an easy on going communication service. Also thank you very much for the help and support! Warmest regards.

  • Mohammed Faiyaz

    Applied Materials & Engineering, Inc.

    We were approached by QuickSocial in 2016 to upgrade our dated flash-based website. I was extremely impressed by the high level of service and attention the QuickSocial Team provided during our website development. The entire team was very responsive to our needs. We are currently using Quick Social to manage and host our website and also using their technical department for development of specialized web-based software platform for document management and reporting. Thank you QuickSocial Team!

Our Clients

From entrepreneurs to fortune 500 companies, all of our clients are VIPs. We design business websites for industries as diverse as construction, entertainment, hospitality, medical, beauty and luxury, but also various private and public organizations. We also develop custom business web applications, and integrate existing accounting, CRM and ERP systems if needed.

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