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A successful website design starts with good understanding of the client’s brand DNA, products, services and market. Of course, an outstanding design is required to stand out from the crowd but we have to make sure the website menu is easily found by most visitors or that call to action buttons and forms are placed in the right position for the visitors to engage with you, etc. Let's be realistic, you need a website to make money not just to have a pretty online business brochure. Again, to produce any income your website should be designed by a professional but you or someone on your team should be able to manage it and make any changes at will. For that reason, we will design your new website on the best CMS platform for business.



How do I get an outstanding website?

A In most digital agencies the standard procedure is when a new project is taken the web architect or the manager attributes the project to a team of two or three developers. At QS we do things differently, the whole team of marketing experts, designers and programmers work on the same project until it is complete (usually within 48 hours to 5 days) depending on the size of the project. This way the website is crafted faster and once we all understand our client’s vision and goals then each team member shares their knowledge, vision and ideas. We all argue to create the best website. We are proud to say that we do this for each project.


How do you identify client goals?

A For some of our team members who have worked in web design and development for more than two decades, we are often tempted to tell our clients to leave the concept, design and development of their website to the professionals. However, we often like to involve our clients and their team, particularly those who have a clear vision of their branding. We like to start by understanding our new client’s needs and the goals they want to attain with the new website whether it is an e-commerce, a real estate listing system, a project management system, a portfolio or an all-in-one business process management solution, etc. We also request our new client’s input regarding the color chart, content, photos, website inspiration, etc.


What sets you apart from other digital agencies?

A Although all our projects are steered by a seasoned web architect or team leader, our young multicultural team of designers are responsible for creative input and making each project a one of a kind website. Our web designers Stephanie, Nathalie, Thierry and Alex have respectively studied at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale (FL), Design and Architecture Senior High (FL) and the Nice Art Deco (France). Although they are young web designers they have accumulated more than 10 years of experience in the web design field with a multicultural approach (American, Latin, European and Asian). Working with major fashion, perfume, cosmetics and entertainment companies has given the team a serious advantage in designing trendy websites with a “WOW” factor.

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