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A creative digital agency

with full-stack programming capability

We are originally located in Miami where we still have our network operations center. We have opened other locations in North Carolina and now in Tampa Bay. We are a family-owned business with a team of fourteen enthusiastic web developers and marketing professionals.

  • Web Design
  • Development
  • Marketing
  • Hosting

Your potential clients are out there and the best place to reach them is online. To attract and engage them a template-based website is no match to a custom website built by professionals. Don’t think about cost, think about investment and ROI.

  • Brand DNA, Market, competition
  • Client’s goals identification
  • Crafted custom responsive website
  • Content transfer and visuals
  • Changes and Revisions
  • UX testing and launch
  • Nathalie Pommier (Web Design & Social)
  • Stephanie Garcia (Graphic Designer)
  • Alex Howe (Web developer)
  • Aryam Livia (Marketing)
  • Ana Pommier (Controller)

Although it will be always our clients' choice, we are principally .Net developers as we think the platform is more solid, secure and scalable to build sustainable online systems. Our web developers and full stack-programmers have not yet met a challenge they cannot overcome.

  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • E-commerce B2B/B2C
  • Customer relation management (CRM)
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
  • Human resources management (HRM)
  • John Qadir (Programmer)
  • Laurent Pommier (Programmer)
  • Rashid Wilson (Programmer)
  • Michelle Durban (Junior Programmer)

The internet has become the number one channel for marketing and advertising, so it is obvious to choose an experienced digital agency to grow your brand online. Our founders and members of our team have a solid experience in marketing strategy. We have the knowledge and the tools to position and grow your brand on the internet.

  • Business intelligence
  • Tactical marketing planning
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Social media optimization (SMO)
  • Data mining and email campaign
  • Nicolas Pommier (Analyst)
  • Bernard Pommier (Marketing director)
  • Aryam Livia (Marketing)
  • Nathalie Pommier (Social media)
  • Rashid Wilson (Programmer)

Quick Social provides clients with outstanding managed hosting including 24/7 impeccable tech support in English, French and Spanish from our team in Tampa and Miami, Florida, USA (not outsourced).

  • Managed hosting
  • Security monitoring and recovery
  • Backups and maintenance
  • Data management
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Rick Medina (Network engineer)
  • Johnny Chanto (Network engineer)
  • Laurent Pommier (programmer)
  • John Qadir
  • The team

Our web development & marketing management

Just like Novartis, BMW, Oracle, Samsung, Volkswagen, Mars, Ford, and Motorola we are a family-owned business and we will take care of yours as if it were our own! As Quicksocial co-founders we bring different skills. Together we are responsible for the continuous evolution of the QS service offering, ensuring a clear vision for a sustainable future as well as solid delivery capabilities.

Ana Pommier


Ana studied econommy and finance (Masters).

Alexandre Pommier

Web Architect

Alex studied business administration and technology (MBA).

Nathalie Pommier

Social Media Anthropologist

Nathalie studied anthropology and sustainability (Masters).

Bernard Pommier

Marketing Director

Bernard studied international business and marketing (MBA).


Our digital agency timeline

We have been involved with web development and marketing since 1995.


From online magazine to B2B portal

Mastering online news, the team explores other horizons building one of the first B2B portals with auction and reverse auction soon adding an interactive industry directory.


Transition from paper publishing to web publishing

One of our founders created one of the first online magazines and later sold it to one of today's largest online perfume retailers.


More than 200 websites developed, most of them on the DNN platform

Keeping up with the .NET framework and the DNN platform, Quick Social starts developing their own custom applications and hiring new programmers in addition to the founding team. Investigating new technologies like artificial intelligence for business, big data, blockchain, augmented reality, etc.


From online publishing to full digital agency

After building large online directories more and more members are asking us to build them websites so we created Quick Social a full digital agency dedicated to developing business websites as well as other marketing services.


Light and seamless business process management solutions

Starting in 2017, the second generation of owners grows the custom programming department by hiring new core programmers and web developers, as well as a team of marketing, growing the team to 14 employees.


Creation of BPMS

We created Quick Social subsidiary BPMS to develop light online business applications to replace existing heavy legacy business management process software in order to help our 400+ clients.



Our mission is local sustainability

At first signs of Covid19 we realized that small businesses will be soon in trouble, mostly entertainment, bars, restaurants and boutiques so we decided to build them an online system: a combination of an online community with this local shopping online community, we give our retailers, restaurants and small businesses a chance to survive and grow during COVID-19 social distancing guidance, but also from the pressure and unfair competition from global online marketplaces like Amazon.


Creation of LCS localcommunity.shopping

An online shopping platform solution for local communities, municipalities, counties, various government entities, and private organizations, like chambers of commerce, to help retailers, restaurants, and small businesses cope with COVID-19 restrictions and losses of revenue, and compete with global marketplaces. The software is portable so it can be installed on premise and on the cloud.


Creation of LCS localcommunity.shopping Subsidiary in Europe

To participate in the effort to help small businesses all over the world we opened LCS technology subsidiaries in Europe (France and Switzerland). The technology is a local online community including a marketplace with an automated boutique, restaurant and small business independent ecommerce pop-up system (5 minutes to automatically create an independent Ecommerce).