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At Quick Social we take customer service and technical support to new heights. All the members of the Quick Social team are knowledgeable of the specifics of each client website so no matter who picks up the phone when you call, you will always have someone who is ready to assist you. At Quick Social we do not believe in answering machines so there will always be someone to assist you when you call. Quick Social provides clients with an outstanding managed hosting including a 24/7 impeccable tech support in English/French/Spanish from our team in Tampa and Miami, Florida, USA (not outsourced). Quick Social provides a vast array of hosting services in a managed windows and SQL server’s environment. The hosting facility in Miami of our partner of 18 years provides a wide range of system integration options and network infrastructures with a multiple redundancy (internet providers) architecture.




How good is your connection & redundancy?

AQuick Social and its NOC partner offer a variety of high-speed connection plans for your business. We partners with several tier one carriers to provide connection speeds from T1 to Gig-E. Additionally QS has backup servers in Tampa and Phoenix, Arizona with Microsoft Azur.

How secure will be my website on your server?

AThe need for a secure network increases as you extend your network to the Internet and provide access for remote, mobile, and wireless users. Identifying security problems and vulnerabilities is the first step toward peace of mind. QS makes sure your network–and business–are secure from threats. Our solution leverages award-winning watchguard technology to provide: 
  • Deep packet inspection
  • Intrusion detection & prevention
  • Gateway Anti-virus protection
  • Gateway Anti-spyware protection
  • Web Content Filtering
  • 24x7x365 PRTG monitoring and remediation
  • Hurricane-proof facility 
  • Generator with Auto Switch 150 gallon fuel supply
  • Additional 400 gallon DOT approved mobile diesel fuel supply

What is your backup policy and how responsive is your customer service and tech support?

A At QS we automatically backup our servers every month. Depending on your hosting package you may have extra manual backups every 15 days, every week, daily or even hourly. Aditionally we do all DNN and module updates, training and support. Technical support is also tailored to each client and no matter what day of the year nor the hour you will get someone knowledgeable about your business and website to troubleshoot any issues imediately. Our tech support team is based in the USA but we all speak English, French and Spanish.

Do you offer a range of hosting packages? How easy it is to scale up/down?

A QS offers 3 basic packages that ecompass all the same hosting, security, updates, back-up and a premium technical support. they are priced from $55 - $75 - $300 the price reflects the time/hours we spend monthly to insure a 100% uptime, as well as to pay for monitoring sensors, the bandwith and the hard drive space. For example) a regular business website would cost $55 whereas a busy E-commerce or corporate website costs $300 all included. To scale up and down, just give us a call!

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