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All websites should be attractive, get traffic, engage visitors and make sales yet not all websites are made for the same purpose nor the same industry. During the past decade we have created many online applications and done custom programming for industries as varied as home furnishings, associations and online communities, engineering and architecture firms, construction companies, luxury manufacturers, distributors and retailers, hospitality, restauration and entertainment, scientific and medical corporations, schools and government, petroleum and chemical, IT and laboratories, real estate and consultants and more. We have built some industry specific applications (examples below) and we are waiting for our next challenge.


What kind of custom application have you built?

  • Job board with applicant tracking system
  • Booking and reservation system
  • Online community membership system
  • Real estate multiple listing system
  • Calendar of events
  • Auction / reverse auction
  • Engineering, architecture and construction project management system
  • Online directory and forum system
  • Learning management system (LMS)
  • Quiz and Q&A modules
  • Help desk, customer support chat
  • Tradeshow exhibitor/visitor module
  • API integrations

What aftersales support do you offer?

A Support is simply free to all of our customers as it is included in their hosting package. As our programmers have built the custom applications they are able to troubleshoot the system much faster so that downtime is reduced to its minimum. All our websites and their modules / applications are on a sophisticated monitoring software so usually we will be aware of any possible issues before they occur.

What are the advantages of a custom application vs. a commercial version and what is the cost?

A In most of the cases there is not a commercial aplication out of the box available and if in some cases there is one it is never doing exactly what our client needs. By building the application with our client we get just what they want so the learning curve is also much faster for them and their team to use the system. The price is also reduced as we just bill the programming hours and the software belongs to the client, no recurring fees for software licenses.

Other Services

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