Dotnetnuke (DNN)!

For the past 10 years we have been testing the best software on the market and we have chosen a .NET open source web platform (CMS platform benchmark) because of all its features, but also because we want to make sure our clients will always be able to get updates and support no matter if we are still around tomorrow. This .NET software will be the foundation of your new website which we will build together for your company.

The Tools

Dotnetnuke (DNN) works a bit like building Legos with blocks called “modules”. Each module has a function, some of them are for editing and others are for management or online sales:

  • HTML module (website content)
  • Blog module (social media content)
  • Ecommerce module (online sales)
  • CRM module (customers relationship management)
  • ERP module (enterprise resource planning)
  • Social module (your own facebook community)
  • Analytics module (measure your ROI)
  • Directory module (your phone book online)

All of these modules will be available to you and they are drag and drop technology. You will find modules for anything you could want your website to accomplish. We will help you in the process of building your platform, teach you how to find the right core modules, install them, and teach you how to design the outer part of your website with extensions called “Skin”. We will also teach you how to manage your online company through a CMS (Content Management System) console on your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.