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LOGO PRESENTATION   to  Dr. Lorna Pham

Dear Lorna

Thank you for giving me and my team the opportunity to work on your new logo. We understand the importance of the task at hand as the logo of your company must reflect not only your services but also your brand. We did not have a brief so we brainstormed and worked on various angles/ concepts.

After reviewing marketing and business intelligence research / findings from our interns, Stephanie (our designer) and I decided to present 3 concepts for your review:

1– Hidden strength breaks the chain

2– Inside the cat is the hidden strength of a lion or Inside is the hidden strength of a Dragon if you don’t like cats

3- Hidden strength can move the world

I believe that the 3 concepts could make a clear statement and help the company’s services consolidation going forward. In today’s world people perform most of their research on the web, and having a visually explicit logo will enhance your organic marketing.
If one of the rough concepts suits your business we will finalize shape, colors etc..

Kind Regards,