Share your branding message and materials with the media and your distributors worldwide with QuickSocial Branding tools. Any QuickSocial website CMS allows your team to easily upload, change, and edit your content, photos and videos so that your worldwide partners can download and use the most recent content 24/7/365. Many branding tools can be added through drag and drop installation of modules featuring a multi-social media feeder blog engine, newsletter system, RSS, online community multi-profile management, advertising and marketing document uploader and role based library, social media and reviews sharing tools, comments and review alerts management, analytics, online reputation monitoring tools, brand Wiki system, etc..

Understanding Branding

What is a Brand? (Source: Wikipedia)

A brand is a collection of experiences and associations attached to a company, organization, product or service; more specifically, brand refers to the concrete symbols such as a name, logo, slogan, and design scheme. Brand recognition and other reactions are created by the accumulation of experiences and associations with the specific company, organization, product or service, both directly relating to its function, and through the influence of advertising, design, media commentary and word to mouth. A brand in turn serves to create associations and expectations. Ultimately "the brand" is any element which, in the minds of consumers or audience, differentiates a company, organization, product or service from competitors

When did branding start and why?

Apart from the branding of cows, prisoners and some mass-produced potteries by ancient civilizations, in the Late 19th to early 20th century and later during the 30’s depression consumers began to tighten their belts and their ability and desire to consume. Later on, WWII increased the industrial capacity to mass produce goods, and drove society to be frugal with enormous production capacity. Companies latched on to a new communication medium and modern branding & advertising was born. Modern branding is 60+ years old!

Is brand synonymous with quality?

Forget Generation X and say hello to Generation Y! Originally, we choose brand name products for their alleged commitment to quality (quality assurance) and to identify their source and/or hold the producers responsible for potential manufacturing defects. Clearly today motivations are different because most of branded products are no longer guaranteed and they are all manufactured in China. Interestingly, consumers use branded products as a form of identification and to create emotional bonding. In our opinion, to differentiate yourself out of the crowd the only sign you should wear is your initials.

Using the internet to do Branding

Social media brand managers actively position a brand and its values on the internet as a daily exercise. Brand relevance, evaluation of brand potential, market competition and risks assessment, as well as the choice, use and maintenance of social media channels should be done in-house, or subcontracted to experts like us, is essential to a brand today.

Understanding Marketing

The definition of Marketing

Marketing is the business process a company does to plan and execute the creation, pricing, promotion and distribution of goods and services. For the past two decades marketing has shifted towards digital and its natural evolution is toward the web. Although marketing channels are changing, and we are moving from interruption marketing to permission-based marketing, the basic principles remain the same.

Research before development and after launch

Today it would be foolish to create a product without marketing research. Depending on brand awareness, a thorough study on brand recognition, product association, market reaction and a full SWOT analysis are important parts of the due diligence required before the creation of any product. A study of the life cycle of a product is now more predictable with the internet and all Quick Social websites are equipped with various analytical and marketing tools to help in the process.

Product creation

Apart from due diligence (SWOT, etc.), the product creation process remains the same, including its main categories: goods or services, focused on consumers or industrial? New product planning and development starts with an idea then the evaluation of the idea followed by the development and the commercialization. Our QuickSocial marketing experts can help you along the creation (product/packaging) process and further with branding and distribution.

Distribution & Time to market

Reduce your time to market and grow your distribution with the marketing tools included in your new website platform. Our website BACK-OFFICE system allows your team to communicate and collaborate with your existing distribution network in real time no matter where they are. Thanks to a sophisticated role based permission system, partners, suppliers, distributors, and retailers have 24/7 access to your online tools while under your supervision.

International sales consolidation

Optimize international sales campaigns by helping your distributors with customized promotional online marketing content in their language. Included in all our business packages is the ability for your team to learn how to create an unlimited number of pages with customized content, photos and videos for each of your distributors and retailers. Online tools include newsletters, social media blog feeder, B4B, B2B and even B2C ecommerce system with CRM and ERP to follow-up with your customers, partners and suppliers.

QuickSocial reduces marketing expenses and boosts sales

Our online website system is optimized with a lot of tools that when combined with the CMS will drastically reduce your marketing expenses. The ability to communicate and collaborate with all your employees, partners, and suppliers is key in developing and optimizing your distribution network. Then coupled with a modern and engaging website to attract and convert visitors into customers, this is what we can do for you as we have done it with many successful luxury brands.