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Quick social is a full-service web design, software development and marketing agency located in Tampa bay (clearwater) and Miami Florida ,(USA). The Quick Social team will get you the web marketing tools to acquire new customers and keep the ones you already have to generate sales. We are proud of our web development work and we guarantee the following: amazing web design, out of the box marketing ideas, and the best available web technology with a personalized/dedicated technical support in the USA

Web design & development

Our web designers Stephanie, Nathalie and Thierry have respectively studied at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale (FL), Design and Architecture Senior High (FL) and the Nice Art Deco (France). Although they are young web designers they have accumulated more than 10 years of experience in the web design field with a multicultural approach (American, Latin, European). Working with major fashion, perfume, cosmetics and entertainment companies has given the team a serious advantage in designing trendy websites with a “WOW” factor.
Under our editor's supervision we have a group of student interns from the Literature program at Duke University. They are great at creating or re-writing content, and they're experts at using our DNN platform.
We design stylish, eye-catching websites that are also functional and user friendly. Unlike DIY hosted solutions (such as GoDaddy, Yahoo, and others), our websites are highly interactive, therefore helping you attract and retain potential customers.
We use a powerful and scalable platform with modular extensions that has simple yet effective ease of use and editing capabilities. Microsoft's ASP.net technology ensures reliability and security for your online business. You will have the power to manage large amounts of content, as well as users with multiple levels of permissions for added security and user specific content.
All of our web design and development packages come with a Content Management System (CMS), this means you or your staff will be able to manage content easily in-house. Your website will be developed on an open source .Net platform that is scalable thanks to modules and extensions. The extensive module selection and regular updates to the technology by developers/users worldwide is a guarantee to the scalability, stability and security of your system today and for the future. This is why many government agencies and multi-national companies use this platform. Our module library includes: Ecommerce (B2B/B2C), Blog, Inventory management, CRM, Newsletter, Mail server, Video streaming, Photo Gallery, ERP, Classified, Auction, and Reverse Auction. We also develop custom applications and API.

Data mining & business intelligence

Research and analytics is not rocket science, it's just time consuming. Believe it or not, most of the information about your website including demographics, behavior, geographic, etc can be found in your server or your website logs. Tools such as Google Analytics and Web trends just display the data in a form that everyone can understand. We offer our clients a professional service with a more in depth report and suggestions.
Strategy is important but it has to be based on great research and business intelligence. Without these two components strategy will fail. The good thing about strategy is that it can be changed or modified. At QS we prefer a tactical agenda because it's to the point and applicable now.
Computer technology is less than a century old and the internet only a few decades but the accumulation of available data is considerable. The use of this data for business is recommendable as business intelligence and corporate marketing strategies depend on it. We have the tools and we have been experts in the field for many years.
No one should invest money into a marketing campaign without projecting a possible ROI. So it is crucial to implement ways to measure the ROI after the campaign to compare the attained ROI vs. the projected one to acquire pointers and formulas for the next campaign..


We create dynamic logos that reflect your business identity, and leave a lasting impression on your audience. Each logo project receives dedicated attention from our team of professional designers. We offer additional design services including: packaging, brochures, web graphics and other promotional materials.
Trust our experience. The way you tell a story is more important than the story itself (of course if you have an interesting story it's a plus). We will make a story about your business venture that will be interesting to new prospect customers.
Our chairman Bernard brings 30 years of corporate and product branding/licensing with companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Walt Disney, Warner Bros, Harley Davidson, & Vertigo. We are dedicated to our client’s brand image and reputation, and we have all the modern tools and knowledge not only to monitor and analyze but to act and resolve.
We put the same care and attention into our client’s products as if they were our own. For over 3 decades Bernard and his marketing team have successfully launched many consumer products and services. Each campaign is bespoke so they are planned and quoted one at a time.
Online reputation is critical during a company's or product's branding life cycle. We research, monitor, analyze and correct reputation problems with a set of new online tools and a lot of common sense.  We make sure our client's brand is looking great on the net.


Why Tactical marketing planning instead of Strategic marketing planning? Because tactical is more rigorous, more to the point, and more precise in milestone and timeline. Almost military, it is executable “now” while strategic is still in the air. Online marketing is key to getting your business discovered online. Our powerful tools and staff training give you the upper-hand when competing for clients in your industry. Let us create a customized marketing tactical plan to get you ahead of your competitors. It's a war out there and you need to win!
Even if you don't know that SEO stands for ”Search Engine Optimization”, we'll bet that you still want to be #1 on Google. Well, SEO is just what you need and the platform we'll build your website on is inherently SEO friendly. We have all the tools to help you get closer to your goal.
Yes, the miracle claim of social media has been used and abused. Many companies big and small have jumped on the bandwagon and opened a Facebook, a LinkedIn, a Twitter, Pinterest and even gotten many followers, but they often ask the same question “and now what do we do with those likes?”. Social media is a great tool if you know how to use it and we do. Don’t take our word for it, ask our current customers.
Many mass mailers such as Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and D&B will try to sell you “Join 5 million happy customers we send 20 million emails per day”. Well it just doesn’t work that way, the more you send the less is read no matter if they carefully opt in and monitor black lists and anti-spam technology closely. The best solution is not to use emails or if you do, do your research and double target your prospects. We can do that for you in any industry. Of course, In-Mail and SMS are a better choice.
Great customer service increases customer satisfaction, conversion and retention. Quick Social online community tools will allow your team to engage with customers, and enable customers to post feedback, comments and reviews. These tools will turn your social platform into a wiki service center where customers can educate others about your brand, interest or cause. Each of our websites are in reality a kind of business online community. The name of the game is to attract targeted prospects to register into your new online community. Once inside it will be easier for you to communicate with them and convert them into returning customers.


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