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Integrating outdated legacy business software with modern cloud applications using multiple APIs generally results in a messy, fragile and insecure business network that can also be very costly. The Integration of systems and the secure sharing of data across numerous applications is a necessity most enterprises are facing today in order to grow their business and compete in their market. 
How much does a business website cost? Read more

How much does a business website cost?

Online forums are loaded with questions like “How much does a custom business website cost?” and “How much should I pay for professional website development?”. Most answers are very evasive because they approach the question broadly from designing a website with a cheap template-based builder and contracting a freelance WordPress designer to a professional web development agency. Based on our own client case studies we have created a “Business website cost calculator”, try it now!
Your website in times of globalization and uncertainty… Read more

Your website in times of globalization and uncertainty…

Finding the balance is key and entrepreneurs should reaffirm clearly their company strategy, mission and values while engaging their employees and partners to do the same. The easy way to achieve balance between global and local business is with a dynamic and social-enabled business website that implements the following guidelines applicable for both local and multi-national websites...

2017 Resolutions Proposal Read more

2017 Resolutions Proposal

Get a new business website with an appointment scheduler/organizer, automatic social media feeder (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), your own private online business community, and all of the professional apps you can dream of to manage your business on the go from any device without stress. This website will help you save time to achieve all the good resolutions you have made for 2017.
The End of Adobe Flash! Read more

The End of Adobe Flash!

This past spring Google proposed to make HTML5 the default technology over Flash video on its Chrome browser, and we can see the plan in action with their latest update: Chrome 55. 
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