• we understand
    entertainment & the arts.
    One of our founders had a previous life in the entertainment business and three
    of our team members have gone to art schools, so we bring this perspective
    to the design and development of your new website. Needless to say,
    we have the best online picture/video gallery and auction system.
    Besides designing attractive and engaging architectural websites,
    we have built industry-specific business applications, such as
    online project management, secure documents exchange, customer service etc.
    We also develop ERP/CRM/HR applications and provide SMO, SEO and lead generation.

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Submit your song to urmixd.com with a simple drag¬ and¬ drop of the folder containing your song's Stems*, upload your Pro Tools session, or throw in your .wav file (if you’re mastering with us), and we will deliver radio¬-ready, professional quality sound directly to you. (Remember to include the latest bounce of your jam so we can hear where you’re at with it!) It’s that simple.



Born and raised in Northern California, Mally Mall started his music career as a producer working with industry veterans Ant Banks and Rick Rock. Influenced early on by both the Bay Area music scene and his Brazilian/Egyptian heritage, Mall’s multicultural background is reflected in the diversity of his sound. Mall Press Shoot 2014-2 Heading two labels, Mally Mall Music and Future Music, Mall has helped shape the landscape of the industry today. Working with a ‘who’s who’ list of artists including Tyga, Drake, Justin Bieber, Future, Sean Kingston, French Montana, Pusha T, Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, TyDolla$ign, Lupe Fiasco, & Usher just to name a few, Mall’s repertoire has proven he has the ability to cross genres and cross lanes into other entertainment ventures.



We have been providing acoustical consulting and technology design services to architects, engineers and facility owners since 1971. Our projects and clients include world class performing arts facilities, institutions of learning, casino hotels, corporate headquarters, house of worship and music technology facilities. The firm has completed more than 2,000 successful projects, including multi-purpose auditoriums, theaters, recital halls, houses of worship, legislative chambers, ballrooms, conference centers, airports, coliseums and stadiums in this country and abroad.



Tobe’s work reflect his satiric way of seeing our world in forms and colors. Unlike most painters Tobe’s painting are like caricature snap shots of his own life. Although you can recognize Tobe’s unusual style which often has whimsical or humorous qualities, the themes as well as the forms and color combinations of his paintings are never repeated. Tobe Captures his surrounding by playfully distorting human and animal forms, twisting organic shapes and odd geometric constructions. His style was exacerbated by his coming to Miami. "My work is more like a photo album in painting is just that I use a paint brush instead of a camera. Each of my painting is in fact a snapshot of a brief moment of my life capturing only the most obvious part of a scene at a determined moment. It is like seeing and capturing a small detail in a big picture. It is like a caricature of a moment focusing only on an object, animal, plant or person. I rarely design a model the same way because my mood, vision and perspective are always changing".