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Online business communities are driving the future of marketing, owning your industry social community is key to your B2B and B2C success.

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We are all part of a community, whether a family, a tribe, an occupation, a religion, an interest, an industry, a cause, a city, a country, etc... the .community is the most sought after new gtld because specialized online communities are becoming the solution for business marketing. large social networks without a purpose like facebook are no longer successful in attracting new members as their obsolete group technology has limitation in displaying specialized content. in fact they also have difficulties to retain existing members due among other things to their increasing invasion of privacy.

The GTLD Domain Frenzy

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Are you making sense of the GTLD domain frenzy?

The media is calling it “the biggest internet opportunity since 1984” but it’s hard to understand if you are not a domain registration broker. For the neophytes I will try to make some sense of this big mess..