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Introducing Platform4Consulting - The Future of Consulting

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Introducing PLATFORM4CONSULTING, a modular online platform built on a .NET CMS. On this platform, we have created modules for all the tools consulting firms, their consultants and clients can need to communicate, create projects, track their time, costs and progress in order to successfully complete their work in a user-friendly environment.

Tampa Bay announces TechHire Program

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Tampa Bay has recently announced a TechHire Program after being awarded a $3.4 million grant for technology training and employment by the Department of Labor. For a limited time local businesses can apply to the program to hire and retain local talent. The program is free and participation by businesses entails training the next generation of the local tech workforce.

St. Pete FL launches Entrepreneur in Residence Program

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Mayor Rick Kriseman has recently announced the launch of his two-year pilot program "that positions a local entrepreneur as the liaison between the entrepreneurial community and city government..". Quick Social, a creative web agency, has recently opened a new location in St. Petersburg Florida, and we are excited to become part of the thriving entrepreneurial community.

The 2019 Synapse Innovation Summit (January 23-24, 2019, Tampa FL)

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Synapse is back and just a few days away! The event will take place at the Amalie Arena in Downtown Tampa, Florida. The Synapse Summit is a live, 2-day celebration of innovation, where visionaries, doers, and success-makers connect with the latest transformational innovations across all industries. 


How to convert leads and keep customers when entrepreneurs cannot afford CRM solutions offered by major software companies

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Many small and medium enterprises are still using a combination of Excel spreadsheets, Outlook (or other email clients) with QuickBooks (or similar accounting software) to manage their business processes. They then add a WordPress or DIY CMS website and try to connect them and this is where the problems begin.

Quick Social on the move in Tampa Bay!

Engaging the local business community

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Quick Social has attended several events recently in the Tampa Bay region including the Florida Minority Enterprise Development Conference and the University of South Florida's Supplier Diversity Day! We'd like to thank everyone who stopped by our booths and we look forward to seeing you at future events.

Quick Social at the Florida Minority Enterprise Development Conference (Sept. 26 2018)

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The conference is being hosted by the Minority Enterprise Development Corporation. This year’s theme is “Connecting Minority Businesses to Opportunities”. Conference workshops provide industry-education to minority business owners while providing opportunities to connect with government and corporate supplier diversity professionals. We will be attending to assist exhibitors with their web design, web development and online marketing needs.

Quick Social at IWF Atlanta 2018 (August 22-25)

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The International Woodworking Fair 2018 is one of the top woodworking trade shows in the world for the furniture manufacturing, architectural woodwork, custom and general woodworking industries. We will be attending IWF Atlanta this week to assist exhibitors with their web design, web development and online marketing needs.


The new El Dorado or another mirror for larks (miroir aux alouettes)?

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Although Blockchain technology has already found some application in supply chain sustainability, safety verification, real estate and mining property claims, and the internet of things, the proof that the concept of block chain technology work has been achieved is in the creation of cryptocurrencies, and of course the first and infamous Bitcoin.

What is the most important piece of info on your business card?

Your website

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Tomorrow you will attend a business meeting, a tradeshow or apply for a loan. What is the most important piece of info on your business card? The answer is your website simply because the person you handed your card to will immediately check your website before anything else.

The 2018 Synapse Innovation Summit (March 28-29, 2018, Tampa FL)

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The 2018 Synapse Innovation Summit in Tampa, FL is just a few days away! The event is an opportunity to bring together "innovators from all industries and stages of development to connect technology, regionally-based innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystems throughout Florida." The two day conference is jam-packed with incredible events and speakers.


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One way to achieve this is through technology by implementing an online business process network as an integral part of your business website. You may already have a legacy business process management tool (ERP/CRM) to run one or more of your business processes and are thinking to move them on the cloud to increase efficiency, sales and profit while reducing your costs.

States Fight to Preserve Net Neutrality

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Since last month 22 states and the District of Columbia have filed a lawsuit seeking to block the FCC's repeal of net neutrality regulations, which impede Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from throttling and charging paid prioritization of web traffic and internet services. The Senate has received an official net neutrality notice from the FCC, and Congress only has 60 days to overrule it with the Congressional Review Act (CRA). Share this post with your friends and write to Congress NOW to save net neutrality!