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The End of Adobe Flash!
Nathalie Pommier
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The End of Adobe Flash!

Google Chrome begins to default to HTML5 with latest update

This past spring Google proposed to make HTML5 the default technology over Flash video on its Chrome browser, and we can see the plan in action with their latest update: Chrome 55. Chrome now defaults to HTML5 on most sites except for those that you frequently engage with. Sites that you don't visit or engage with regularly will prompt you with messages to enable flash and hinder a seamless user experience. 

HTML5 technologies are far more secure, effective and less likely to crash, so it comes as no surprise that the slow death of Flash is nearing its end. Google Chrome is not the only browser making moves to eliminate Flash, the list also includes Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. We urge businesses using this outdated technology to revamp their website to avoid user interruptions and search engine penalties. We design mobile-friendly websites in HTML5 and CSS3 with a very user-friendly CMS in 48 hours. Call us today at 727-725-1333 for a free demo!

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