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Social Media Platforms: News and Highlights
Nathalie Pommier
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Social Media Platforms: News and Highlights

News and Highlights on popular social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter.

The E-Business Report released by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ASCI) reveals that customer satisfaction has gone up with a 2.9% increase in user satisfaction with e-business websites such as online news and opinion websites, search engines and social media.

The report shows that Pinterest is the new consumer favorite in social media with a ranking increase of 6% and the leading ACSI score of 76. Here are the ASCI scores of other leading social media. Wikipedia ASCI score: 74, YouTube ASCI score: 73, Google+ ASCI score: 71, Tumblr ASCI score: 73, Instagram ASCI score: 73, Reddit ASCI score: 73, Twitter ASCI score: 69, Facebook ASCI score: 67, LinkedIn ASCI score: 67


Pinterest has also recently announced a new discovery tool that allows users to improve filtered results. Every category now has a new selection of special interests to choose from. Users can also view and follow pins from people who share similar interests, this new option will allow users to find content from people they don’t currently follow. These sort of discovery tools will become key for Pinterest as they begin monetizing. 


In the past few months Facebook has been in the process of lowering organic page reach down to 1 or 2% by throttling posts. Unfortunately this isn’t only affecting large companies like Nike but also small businesses, entrepreneurs, non-profits and activist pages as well. Companies that previously paid to acquire followers will now have to keep paying just to reach them.

John McDermott from Digiday sums up the situation well, “The cruel irony in all of this is that brands themselves greatly helped Facebook by giving it free advertising in their TV commercials and sites, urging their customers to “like” the brand — and paying Facebook to pile up likes. Facebook has returned the favor by choking off brands’ access to those communities. That’s one expensive and frustrating lesson that it’s better to own than rent.“ (View his full post here)

We agree and that’s why we urge companies to work with us in building their own social enabled platform.


LinkedIn has recently announced that it will be acquiring B2B marketing startup Bizo for $175 million. 

"It's exciting for us to bring Bizo's expertise and technology into our ecosystem," said Deep Nishar, LinkedIn's SVP of product and user experience, in a statement. "Our ability to integrate their B2B solutions with our content marketing products will enable us to become the most effective platform for B2B marketers to engage professionals."


Twitter has released Twitter Analytics, a free analytics platform to help users understand how their tweets (promoted and otherwise) are performing by tracking tweet impressions, retweets, link clicks, replies and favorites. These tools will allow businesses to track the progress, as well as strengths and weaknesses, of their twitter campaign strategy, and also learn more about their audience and what truly engages them. For now twitter has announced that the updated platform will be available for Advertisers, Verified Users and Twitter Card Users.



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