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Will Facebook die out like the Bubonic plague?
Nathalie Pommier
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Will Facebook die out like the Bubonic plague?

It seems that researchers John Cannarella and Joshua Spechler from Princeton university's mechanical and aerospace engineering department are agreeing with many unhappy users that Facebook is not the future. They're stating that Facebook will lose 80% of their users within the next 3 years and die out like the Bubonic plague. (View their full study report)


Jeff Hamada's (of Booooooom) testimony expresses an important reason why Facebook has lost its appeal, "It’s taken five years to get the Booooooom Facebook page to the size it is now and after all that it appears, due to Facebook’s greed, it’s a complete waste of time to continue using it. The other day I made a post, and of the 155,000 people following our page, only 400 people saw it. That’s not even 1% of our followers! That’s kinda insane if you think about it. There was a time when 60,000 people would see a post, and we had less followers then!"


What do you think? Have you noticed the same deteriorated engagement from your Facebook followers?


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